OLIVER is an eleven year old boy from New York City. His parents, successful urban professionals, have decided to realize a long-term dream for their family:  To leave the constraints and pressures of the city and take their son on the trip of a lifetime to see the AMAZON jungle.


Although OLIVER’s parents care very much about him, we can sense they are too protective, too fearful and distracted as so many Westerners are, and overcompensate by babying OLIVER.


This trip to the Amazon is prepared for very carefully with inoculations, packed remedies, too much clothing, too much everything. But they are prepared. Or are they?


When they arrive at their destination in the Amazon rainforest  – a spectacular treehouse hotel - they are amazed at beauty of their surroundings but we grow to sense that they are seeing it from the perspective of tourists who do not fully connect with the jungle. Oliver laments the fact that most of the animal life hides and can’t be seen, and his mother is concerned about drinking the water, or losing internet connection.

Not until OLIVER suddenly gets lost and is forced into a journey through the reaches of the jungle  and it’s people, does he find a spiritual and physical connection to the rainforest.

This is true as well for his parents, who follow his trail on a parallel odyssey through the AMAZON, and discover it’s darkest perils as well as sacred beauty.



“The family adventure

          of the year”

Set in the Brazilian Amazon, AMAZONIA will be a fever dream of images, emotions, and surreal reality of the earth’s richest and most mystical offering, through the prism of an American child destined to change its fate.

Story by Ana and Adam Bersin

Treatment by Xan Cassavetes


                          Story synopsis